Wednesday, December 29, 2004

First Post

Hello! Welcome to my humble blog. My none-too-lofty mission is to provide my personal take on the complex world of Asian-American poetry. As part of this mission, I will be providing my opinions, both positive and negative, of various poems and books of poetry as well as my views of "Asian-American poetry" itself.

A primary purpose of this blog is to make people more excited about Asian-American poetry, and hopefully, to generate a vibrant discussion of such poetry. I am not afraid to change my views if I feel the change will be worth it. I am also not afraid to stand up for my "poetic" beliefs.

As a disclaimer, I should note that my views are quite possibly wrong, very wrong. They reflect my own warped biases and should be taken in the same vein as you would take a stranger who offers you unwrapped candy. My comments shall attempt to be funny, irreverent, and untamed, meant to entertain and inform at the same time. Life is too short to make boring blog entries and force others to be bored with you. Maybe my blog will be boring. But hopefully not. I will do my best to edify and amuse.


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