Sunday, March 13, 2005

List of Asian American Books of Poetry

Below is my list of titles of Asian-American books of poetry that some people wanted. (It's actually about 135 books, not about 150, as I'd thought it was.) As I said before, I didn't want to post this list, because I regard it as incomplete, haphazard, and ultimately unsatisfying, but since I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is, I've posted it here with three disclaimers:

1. Disclaimer #1: This list does NOT include any Asian-American book of poetry published 2002 or afterwards. I haven't updated it since 2002.
2. Disclaimer #2: This list does NOT include any Asian-American book of poetry owned by Duke Libraries as of 2002. As noted before, my purpose for making the list was to get Duke Libraries to order these books. (You will thus note the lack of Li-Young Lee books, for example, since Duke Libraries has those books.)
3. Disclaimer #3: Just wanted to emphasize again, this list is NOT comprehensive in any way. It's mainly just a starting point. I used a great Asian American Writers' Workshop (AAWW) list of books of poetry as a starting point, but I know that not all Asian American books of poetry were listed there, and I've probably missed many books. If you'd like, you can post additional authors and titles in comments; some authors/titles not in this list may be relatively obvious.

I wanted to update it before posting, but I haven't had the time. Hope you enjoy!

Akella, Usha
…Kali Dances. So Do I…
Alexander, Meena
Night-Scene, The Garden
Ali, Kazim
Amirthanayagam, Indran
The Elephants of Reckoning
Berssenbrugge, Mei Mei
Berssenbrugge, Mei Mei
The Heat Bird
Berssenbrugge, Mei Mei
Summits Move with the Tide
Berssenbrugge, Mei Mei
Random Possession
Biala, Arlene
Continental Drift
Bishoff, Tonya and Jo Rankin, eds.
Seeds from a Silent Tree: An Anthology by Korean Adoptees
Bruchac, Joseph
Breaking Silence: An Anthology of Contemporary Asian-American Poets
Carbo, Nick
El Grupo McDonald's: Poems
Cerenio, Virginia
Trespassing Innocence
Chang, Diana
The Mind's Amazement: Poems Inspired by Paintings, Poetry, Music, Dance
Chang, Diana
Earth, Water, Light: Landscape Poems Celebrating the East End of Long Island
Chawla, Yogesh et al.
Attack of the 50 ft. Poets
Chawla, Yogesh
Atlas on Crack
Chin, David
The China Cupboard and the Coal Furnace
Chin, Justin
Harmless Medicine
Chin, Justin
Burden of Ashes
Chin, Marilyn
Dwarf Bamboo
Chin, Marilyn
Rhapsody in Plain Yellow: Poems
Ching-chao, Li
Li Ching-Chao: Complete Poems
Chock, Eric
Last Days Here
Dao, Bei
Old Snow: Poems
Evangelista, Susan
Carlos Bulosan and His Poetry: A Biography and Anthology
Fay, Chiang
Miwa's Song
Foo, Josephine
Endou: Poems, Prose, and a Little Beagle Story
Foster, Sesshu
Angry Days
Foster, Sesshu
City Terrace Field Manual
Freeman, Sunil
That Would Explain the Violinist
Gamalinda, Eric
Zero Gravity
Gloria, Eugene
Drivers at the Short-Time Motel (National Poetry Series)
Hahn, Kimiko
Air Pocket
Hahn, Kimiko
Ear Shot
Hamasaki, Richard
From the Spider Bone Diaries: Poems and Songs
Han, Stephanie
L.A. (Lovers Anonymous)
Hartman, Yuki
A Coloring Book
Hartman, Yuki
New Poems
Hartman, Yuki
Hashimoto, Sharon
Him, Mark Lai; Genny Lim; Judy Yum, eds.
Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, 1910-1940
Hom, Marlon K.
Song of Gold Mountain: Cantonese Rhymes from San Francisco Chinatown
Hongo, Garrett
Yellow Light
Hongo, Garrett
The River of Heaven
Jacinto, Jaime
Heaven Is Just Another Country
Jin, Ha
Facing Shadows
Kageyama, Yuri
Kim, Myung Mi
Dura (New American Poetry Series No. 28)
Kono, Juliet
Tsunami Years
Kono, Juliet
Hilo Rains (Bamboo Ridge, No. 37-38)
Kuo, Alex
Changing the River
Kuo, Alex
This Fierce Geography
Kwang, Casey L.
On Blue Felix Paper
Lan, Mong
Song of the Cicadas (Juniper Prize)
Langworthy, Christian
The Geography of War
Lau, Alan Chong
Blues and Greens: A Produce Worker's Journal
Lau, Carolyn
Wode Shuofa: My Way of Speaking
Lee, Priscilla
Wishbone (The California Poetry Series)
Lee, Pwu Jean
East Wind, West Rain: Poems
Leong, Russell
Country of Dreams and Dust
Lew, Walter
Treadwinds: Poems and Intermedia Work
Lew, Walter, ed.
The Kaya Anthology of New Asian North American Poetry
Lim, Genny
Winter Place
Lim, Shirley Geok-Lin
Monsoon History: Selected Poems
Lin, Tan
Lotion Bullwhip Giraffe (New American Poetry Series, No. 26)
Litonjua, Rory
Bring Me the Head of Jorge Brazil
Liu, Timothy
Hard Evidence
Liu, Timothy
Say Goodnight
Liu, Timothy
Burnt Offerings
Liu, Timothy
Vox Angelica
Lum, Wing Tek
Expounding the Doubtful Points
Mahapatra, Anuradha
Another Spring, Darkness: Selected Poems of Anuradha Mahapatra
Mei, Yuan
I Don't Bow to Buddhas: Selected Poems of Yuan Mei
Mirkitani, Janice
Shedding Silence
Mirkitani, Janice
We, The Dangerous: New and Selected Poems
Mitsui, James Masao
After the Long Train: Poems
Mitsui, James Masao
From a Three-Cornered World: New and Selected Poems (The Scott and Laurie Oki Series in Asian American Studies
Mori, Kyoko
Mura, David
The Colors of Desire: Poems
Nam, Wong Phui
Ways of Exile: Poems from the First Decade (Skoob Pacifica, No. 2002)
Oikawa, Mona and Tamai Kobayashi
All Names Spoken: Poetry and Prose
Okita, Dwight
Crossing with the Light
Paat, Joseph
Haiku Harvest
Rashid, Ian
The Heat Yesterday
Rayaprol, Srinivas
Selected Poems
Reetika, Vazzirani
White Elephants (Barnard New Women Poets Series)
Robles, Al
Rappin' with 10,000 Carabos in the Dark: Poems
Roripaugh, Lee Ann
Beyond Heart Mountain (National Poetry Series)
Rutkowski, Thaddeus
Basic Training
Rutkowski, Thaddeus
Near Wilderness
Saijo, Albert
Outspeaks: A Rhapsody
Sen, Sudeep
Dali's Twisted Hands
Sen, Sudeep
A South African Woodcut
Sen, Sudeep
Kali in Ottava Rima
Sen, Sudeep
Mount Vesuvius in Eight Frames
Sen, Sudeep
New York Times
Sen, Sudeep
The Lunar Visitations: A Cycle of Poems
Sharma, Prageeta
Bliss to Fill
Sia, Beau
A Night Without Armor II: The Revenge
Song, Cathy
School Figures
Song, Cathy
The Land of Bliss
Song, Cathy
Frameless Windows, Squares of Light: Poems
Stefans, Brian Kim
Angry Penguins
Stefans, Brian Kim
Free Space Comix
Stefans, Brian Kim
Su, Adrienne
Middle Kingdom
Sugioka, Kimi
The Language
Sze, Arthur
Sze, Arthur and Frank Stewart, eds.
Zigzag Way: New Writing from America, the Pacific, and Asia
Tabios, Eileen, ed.
Black Lightning: Poetry in Progress
Tagami, Jeff
October Light
Thuong, Vuong-Riddick
Two Shores/ Deux Rives
Tran, Barbara
In the Mynah Bird's Own Words
Tran, Truong
Placing the Accents
Tran, Truong
The Book of Perceptions
Tran, Truong
Dust and Conscience
Trask, Haunani-Kay
Light in the Crevice Never Seen
Tsang, Lori
Passages and Totems: Poems
Tsui, Kitty
Uyematsu, Amy
30 Miles from J-Town
Vanderborg, Arthur
Introducting Mr. Vanderborg
Vira, Soma
Little Bit India - Little Bit U.S.A.: Poems from East and West
Wang, L. Ling-chi, I-heng Chao, and Carrie L. Waara, eds.
Chinese-American Poetry: An Anthology
Wong, Nellie
Stolen Moments (Crimson Edge Chapbook)
Wong, Nellie
Death of Long Steam Lady
Wong, Nellie
Dreams in Harrison Railroad Park
Woon, Koon
The Truth in Rented Rooms
Yamanaka, Lois-Ann
Saturday Night at the Pahala Theatre
Yau, John
Borrowed Love Poems
Yau, John
Radiant Silhouette: New and Selected Work, 1974-1988
Yau, John
Berlin Diptychon: Poems
Yau, John
Big City Primer: Reading New York at the End of the Twentieth Century
Yee, Victor Shin
My Journey


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