Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Adventures of Kudos the Poet - Part VI

Kudos had the sense of a humor of a pie chart. With no raisins, with no orange slices, he could fashion a dotted grin on either snowman or potato. He could do prison guard imitations with waffle fries. In a fable without dragons, he could slap triangles on a salamander. He was masculine.

I would have wanted Kudos to perform in my elementary school theatrical on the perils of bad dental hygiene. My teacher only let the tallest boy play the part of the toothbrush, but let us not get that far into the voting rights debate. If Kudos could have done slapstick as dentures, I would have been mouthwash. No one can defeat bad breath without a palindrome.

Seven o’clock. Kudos told me that he no longer understood the concept of chewing gum, but it mattered little to him. Funny Kudos, alone on the roof. Poor, funny Kudos.


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