Wednesday, January 26, 2005

On This Blog

From time to time, I've tried to explore the very idea of this blog, but it's been a little while since I've done it. In case you haven't noticed, I've tried to make this blog unlike many of the blogs out there in the sense that it is all about one particular issue -- Asian-American poetry. The title of the blog says "Asian-American Poetry," and I'm pretty satisfied that what you're reading here is as advertised (at least most of the time). :)

It's a bit strange that this blog is single-issue, considering that I do have a preference for more personal blogs. I like blogs that talk about people's lives and work more as online diaries than intellectual discussions on particular issue(s) as is often the case with blogs about politics. I'm glad they're out there, but I can't really picture myself blogging about the details of my own life at this point in time. People would probably get bored real fast, or rather, my audience would most likely be different in the sense that this blog would be frequented by people who know me personally. Strangers often don't like hearing about strangers' pet goldfish.

Instead, this blog satisfies a different desire/need of mine, which is to focus on Asian-American poetry and everything about it. I don't really know anyone who is really interested in "Asian-American poetry," or at least I didn't till I started this blog. So I am content that this blog is out there for anyone interested in reading about this field.

(Edit: Well, way back when, Grace warned me at the beginning to not let people comment anonymously, and my response was that I would if comments devolved into name-calling, etc. It turned out to be sexually explicit material, so man, was I way off. :) Any blog with the name "Asian" in it, however, probably has to face it sooner or later. Anyhow, I had to remove comments from this post, and I'm switching to "registered" users in comments. Thanks.)