Friday, April 08, 2005

April is the Cruellest Month for Student-Bloggers

Those of you in the work force are not the lucky ones vis-a-vis students...for most of the year. But as someone who has a recent memory of the experience of working a 40-hour workweek and of the vey different experience of being a student, and is a student now, I'd have to say that being a regular old employee beats being a student at certain times of the year -- namely, right before and around finals time. In other words, for about one month twice a year -- when the workload and time pressures become particularly weighty on students.

I've got all these witty, sharp, wild remarks about Asian American poetry (or at least remarks that I think are witty, sharp, and wild) floating around in my head and barely any time to blog nowadays. Like now, it's Friday night, and there's more work to be done. I can take a breather now and then, but even then, the workload still looms in front of me like a haunting yew tree.

So April and early May blogging will probably be slower, though I should accentuate the "probably" part of it because there's still a solid chance that I won't be able to resist and blog voraciously despite the lack of free time. Anyhow, as I noted earlier, I intend to pick things up some time in mid-to-late May when I'll be reviewing individual books of Asian-American poetry, hopefully at a rate of several per week. Now relatively speaking, there aren't that many published Asian-American books of poetry out there in general (probably several hundred), and as an early guess, I'm anticipating that I'll be lucky to find fifty or seventy-five of them in various libraries. Still, that should make for an interesting summer's worth of reading. (Edit: Or not. :) Sorry, folks, the summer job has been more time-consuming than imagined.)


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